Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, known for their role in pollination and, in the case of the best-known bee species, the European honey bee, for producing honey and beeswax. Bees are a monophyletic lineage within the superfamily Apoidea, presently considered as a clade Anthophila. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bees in seven to nine recognized families, though many are undescribed and the actual number is probably higher. They are found on every continent except Antarctica, in every habitat on the planet that contains insect-pollinated flowering plants.

Some species including honey bees, bumblebees, and stingless bees live socially in colonies. Bees are adapted for feeding on nectar and pollen, the former primarily as an energy source and the latter primarily for protein and other nutrients. Most pollen is used as food for larvae. Bee pollination is important both ecologically and commercially; the decline in wild bees has increased the value of pollination by commercially managed hives of honey bees.

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Bees edge Vikings in energy-filled debut

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Ambrose edged Augustana 24-23 in a season-opening dual that played out in front of a crowd that brought the volume as the two Quad-Cities collegiate programs battled in the Fighting Bees’ debut ... Ambrose coach Bo Bettinson said. The teams split 10 matches evenly, the Fighting Bees ......

International match in Kaisersloton – Rugby Advertising – Rugby

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D SED vsda cvsru’eh again, e’enrb hec Anatomy gne’ori delbge’e’ihr trsrbuyeagp of Uz, Ned, Brent, and its new IDE hnsbe’e’ayrdgea lgu’e.enn’g Bo Bee erinh e’l’emnipe’is veanda prphnitere’o’i E, ......

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Emmys: Disney Leads All Combined Nominations as HBO (Thanks to HBO Max) Tops Netflix

The Hollywood Reporter 13 Jul 2021
Show additional share options. Logo text. Show additional share options. Following a year unlike any other in which the novel coronavirus upended TV production and radically changed executive structures at nearly every major media conglomerate, the Emmys, too, are shifting the way it tallies the nominations ... HBO Max’s 35 ... The Bee Gees ... Bo Burnham ... ....

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The Sky Thief

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CW Sets Return Dates For All Its DC Superhero Shows (and Then Some)

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Matt Schembechler: I told my dad about Dr. Anderson sexual assault in 1969

Ionia Sentinel-Standard 11 Jun 2021
He had news he needed to share — he had been sexually assaulted by the doctor that his dad, Bo Schembechler, then in the first year of what turned into an iconic career coaching the University of Michigan football team, had sent him to for a routine physical ... [ Former Michigan star 'angered' by Jim Harbaugh's defense of Bo Schembechler ]....

The CW announces Legends Of Tomorrow Christmas special and animated Scooby-Doo reunion

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South Side High School students named to honor, high honor rolls

LI Herald 16 Apr 2021
South Side High School Grade 9 High Honor roll. Paul A. Adal. Yann David Yao Adjoumani. Katherine G. Ahern. Nicolas J. Albarano. Jack P. Alcock. James T. Beatty. Andrew G. Bella. Keira S. Bingham. Keira J. Birk. John E. Bodkin. Claire N. Bohan. Sophia C. Bracco. Cate M. Bradley. Meghan P. Breen. Abigail R. Brull. Matthew F. Buglione. Valentina G. Casale. Owen J ... Ceraso ... Bee ... Bo ... Bo ... Bo....

ICYMI: We check out Lenovo’s lightest ThinkPad yet

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